Many of you know that Paris is one of my great loves. We all have places that we love, that we go to when we are happy or when we need a reminder of life and all the beauty there is. For me, Paris is that place. Some photos from my last visit...



I took this photo not far from home. I love almost any view of the Golden Gate bridge. And no matter what time you might be near by it is always invigorating to see this glorious classic icon of San Francisco. 


Nothing says summer to me like a bouquet of beautiful garden roses. The other morning I decided to wear my perfume Coup de Foudre ('love at first sight'), which is composed with the spectacular Rose de Mai from the south of France. For me, there is no flower quite as captivating as a rose in full bloom. I love roses at every stage; buds, in full bloom and later as their colors fade into soft muted pastels.

Later that day I decided to take a break and went to the beautiful rose garden inGolden Gate Park. The garden isn't hidden, but often overlooked. It is tended by a dedicated group of volunteer gardeners. Throughout the summer and into late Fall you will always find roses blooming. The roses in this garden are quite diverse in type, color and rose variety. The scent can be faint or voluptuous, fruity or spicy. 

Roses on trellisLR.jpg

After a visit to the rose garden a perfect compliment is a glass rosé (of course!) across the street at the De Young Museum cafe's sculpture garden. An indulgent, relaxing and fragrant summer afternoon. Perfect.

Bastille Day

Happy Bastille Day!  On July 14 all French citizens and Francophiles the world over celebrate the birth of modern day France. Several years ago I spent a wonderful Bastille Day in Paris. The energy and celebratory mood were amazing. All the neighborhood fire houses (and there are many!) held open house with dancing, eating and drinking. People go to as many as they can. We ended up dancing till midnight at Place St. Sulpice. Later we watched the fireworks and drank champagne from the hotel terrace. An evening to remember! Vive la France!

Photo: via Flickr

Photo: via Flickr